The Zone of InterestThe Zone of Interest
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The Zone of Interest

A high-ranking Nazi officer and his wife try to create an idyllic life next to Auschwitz.


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The vast majority of fiction films about the Holocaust tackle, in one way or another, the brutal violence suffered by its victims. However, with "The Zone of Interest", director Jonathan Glazer addresses the other side of the coin: the mechanisms of complicity that allowed such atrocities to happen. The plot follows Rudolf Höss (played by Christian Friedel) and his family, comfortably settled in a country house, a private paradise separated from the Auschwitz concentration camp only by a concrete fence. Without ever exposing unnecessarily graphic violence, the film delves more into its origins and consequences, allowing us to see the ways in which history and its dangers repeat themselves to this day.

Lalo Ortega

Lalo Ortega

Assistant Editor at Filmelier

Plot summary

The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, and his wife Hedwig, strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the camp.

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