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Yannick interrupts a bad play in Paris, taking the theater hostage to rewrite the script.


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French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux is known for his films with storylines as insane as they are provocative and ridiculous: a tire that comes to life (Rubber), men obsessed with deer leather jackets (Deerskin), a trash parody of Japanese superheroes (Smoking Causes Coughing). In Yannick, the director returns to his twisted humor to tell the story of the titular security guard (Raphaël Quenard). One day, he goes to the theater to see the play Le Cocu, but unsatisfied with it, he decides to take the entire theater hostage, take ownership of the text, and rewrite it. Through its simple (yet very funny) humor, the film raises questions about ownership and expectations surrounding a work of art. Once made public, is its owner the author, the audience, or a combination of both?



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Plot summary

In the middle of a performance of the play “Le Cocu”, a bad boulevard comedy at a Parisian theatre, Yannick gets up and interrupts the show to take the evening back in hand.

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