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Future World

A prince ventures out to save the queen, but gets mixed up with a warlord and his robot in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


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James Franco is back on the director's chair once again after the success of 'The Disaster Artist', now alongside his partner Bruce Thierry Cheung (responsible, for example, for the cinematography of 'Childhood Trauma' starring Franco). The '127 Hours' star is also the villain of the story, living a warlord of a post-apocalyptic world in the style of 'Mad Max'. The cast also features Milla Jovovich ('The Fifth Element') and Lucy Liu ('Charlie's Angels'). The story is far from inspiring and there is a very orthodox approach by Franco as a director, yet the feature still brings interesting chase and fight sequences in the ravaged land, following the teachings of director George Miller.



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In a post-apocalyptic world, where water and gasoline have long since dried-up, a prince from the oasis must venture out to find medicine for the ailing queen, but along the way he gets mixed up with the warlord and his robot Ash, which leads to a daring journey through the desolate wastelands.

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