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A wealthy woman confronts her past and prejudices while fighting to prevent former cane workers from taking over the land.


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'Sugar' is a great metaphor about today's urban Brazil and the upper middle class/wealthy white. The protagonist, Maeve Jinkings (from 'Aquarius'), represents this prejudiced and exploitative elite, which still has one foot in the era of sugarcane plantations and exploitation of the poor, even though they don't accept it. What she also doesn't accept is that, on the other side, she is part of Brazil and this troubled and plural social construction, no matter how much she tries to forget. The feature is co-directed by Renata Pinheiro (recognized for her work in the art direction of features such as 'Zama' and 'Tattoo') and Sérgio Oliveira.



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Plot summary

Bethania Wanderley has to return to the place where she was born, a decadent sugar cane mill, to prevent the former cane workers from taking over the land. She will have to deal with her past and her prejudices.

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