Quem Vai Ficar com Mário?Quem Vai Ficar com Mário?
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Quem Vai Ficar com Mário?

A young man wants to come out to his family, but his brother beats him to it.


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"Who Will Stay with Mario?" is a Brazilian adaptation of the Italian film "O Primeiro que Disse". The feature follows exactly what director Hsu Chien has done over the years with the bestial comedy "Ninguém Entra, Ninguém Sai" and the shorts that put him in the spotlight in national cinema. It is a comedy about sexuality, quite simple and direct to the point, about a boy (Daniel Rocha) who wants to reveal to his father that he is gay. But before him, his brother comes out of the closet and his father almost has a heart attack. That's when the dilemma of the movie comes in: should he reveal his sexuality to his family, even after his brother? To sprinkle this plot, there is also the arrival of an attractive woman (Letícia Lima) who steals the attention of the protagonist, who starts to be in doubt if he really loves his boyfriend (Felipe Abib) or if he wants the new suitor. On the one hand, Chien brings an updated and much more modern plot than the original Italian one, about bisexuality and even polyamory. The negative point is in Rocha's conduct throughout the plot, with an acting that borders on a 2000s comic sketch with beaten stereotypes, and the strange direction, closer to the end, about the "choice" of sexuality. At least there is Nany People in the cast, making a funny and memorable pair with José Victor Castiel.



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Mario decides to tell his family the truth about himself. But when he is finally ready to come out in front of the entire family, his older brother Vicente ruins his plans.

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