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Me Tira da Mira

A police officer investigates the death of an actress at a clinic with her ex-boyfriend and a psychologist.


Why watch this film?

If there's a family movie, it's 'Me Tira da Mira'. Although it is directed by Hsu Chien ('Nobody In, Nobody Out'), Cléo (formerly Pires) is the protagonist and also signs the production of the feature. In the plot, she is obsessed with discovering what lies behind the death of actress Antuérpia Fox (Vera Fischer) and, alongside her ex-boyfriend (Sérgio Guizé) and the psychologist (played by Bruna Ciocca), tries to unravel a network of crimes and, simultaneously, prove herself as a competent police officer. And what makes 'Me Tira da Mira' a family movie? Well, simple: brother Fiuk and father Fábio Jr. share screen time. And this is the greatest achievement of 'Me Tira da Mira': the jokes with the titles of Fábio Jr.'s songs and the trio's antics on screen, which show good dynamics on the screen. The feature does not reinvent the wheel - on the contrary, it pays homage to the past, to films like 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' - but knows how to play with stereotypes and clichés. Of course, there are exaggerations here (such as the role of the psychologist, for no reason at all). But in the end, 'Me Tira da Mira' reveals itself as an enjoyable pastime for those who already enjoy national cinema comedies.



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Plot summary

A police officer infiltrates the Bianchini Clinic as a secret agent to investigate the mysterious death of an actress named Antuérpia Fox

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