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Come Play With Me

A young nanny must face a demonic entity obsessed with playing children's games.


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Another example of Mexican terror on Amazon Prime Video, 'Juega Conmigo' doesn't hesitate to draw inspiration from American horror cinema. Here, filmmaker Adrian Garcia Bogliano borrows elements from 'Child's Play' and any other cursed child movie (like the second 'Ouija') to tell the story of a nanny who must deal with two demonic children. The production is simple, even with amateurish tones in some moments, and exposes the low budget. However, those who manage to get into the story and forget about these visual problems will find a competent horror movie, with some scares that leave the viewer on the edge of their seat.



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Plot summary

Sofía, an insecure young nanny who starts her new job taking care of two problematic kids. When their parents leave her alone with the children, they become victims of a demonic entity obsessed with playing children's games.

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