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Black Circle

Two sisters' lives change after being hypnotized by a mystical vinyl record from the 1970s.


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The prolific director of 'Black Circle', Adrián García Bogliano, recaptures all the nostalgia of the 70s with this film starring one of the iconic Swedish actresses of the time: Christina Lindberg. García Bogliano's filmography has classic titles such as 'Rooms for Tourists', 'I Will Not Die Alone' and 'Cold Sweat'. In 'Black Circle', the director delves into the topic of hypnosis and raises interesting questions about it. What would happen if hypnosis "reprogramming" puts us in contact with our darker inner self, could that version of ourselves be our worst enemy and awaken our worst nightmares? This is the question explored in this story. And that's what happens to two sisters who are reunited after some time apart. One of them reveals the secret behind her success: listening to an old hypnosis record before going to sleep, and she advises the other to do the same. After watching this movie, would you dare to do it?



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The lives of two sisters change dramatically, since they were hypnotized by a mystical vinyl record from the 1970s.

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