The King's DaughterThe King's Daughter
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The King's Daughter

A king steals a mermaid's life force for immortality, but his daughter befriends the creature.


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Based on Vonda N. McIntyre's work, 'The Moon and The Sun', this fantasy epic tells the story of Louis XIV (Pierce Brosnan) who steals the power of a mermaid (Bingbing Fan) in search of immortality and the plan backfires when his daughter (Kaya Scodelario) forms a relationship with the mystical creature. Doing justice to the grandeur of the book, the movie is very well done and features great performances from the cast - in addition to the aforementioned, it also stars William Hurt, Benjamin Walker, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Rachel Griffiths and Crystal Clarke.



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With Pierce Brosnan. In search of immortality, King Louis XIV steals the life force of a mermaid, but everything is complicated when his illegitimate daughter forms bonds with the magical creature. Based on the fantastic work of Vonda N. McIntyre.

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