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A woman struggles to balance her love life and career, leading to hilarious mishaps.


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Light comedy, although for those over 18, 'Donde caben dos' does not want to be a complicated movie that takes itself too seriously or that passes grand messages to the audience. This Netflix exclusive production goes through five stories, all involving relationships and sexuality, and brings some embarrassing situations that cause laughter and embarrassment in equal doses. The most interesting, however, is that director Paco Caballero still manages, with great elegance, to take all the message of the feature film and give a real slap in the face to the prejudiced in its conclusion. In this way, even though it is light and without pretensions, 'Donde caben dos' manages to surprise by going beyond easy laughter and the scandalous comedy about sex.



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Multiple stories about the oscillating world of couple relationships and how difficult it can be to separate sex from love.

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