Uma Pitada de SorteUma Pitada de Sorte
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Uma Pitada de Sorte

A young aspiring chef works as a party entertainer and Sous Chef, but her life changes when she becomes assistant to a renowned Chef on a TV show.


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Pearl (Fabiana Karla) lives with her mother (Jandira Martini) in pursuit of a dream. Despite working at the parties that the family business organizes, she dreams of pursuing a career in gastronomy. But things are not easy: she was fired from the restaurant where she worked and now it seems that the only way out is to be the popular and clumsy assistant of a famous and renowned chef on a cooking show on TV. This is the plot of "A Pitada de Sorte". With the face and style of Brazilian comedies, although without any exaggeration on the part of the direction, the feature film reflects on dreams and life goals, with Karla assuming responsibly this so down-to-earth protagonist. Highlight also for Jandira Martini ("O Clone"), making a version of Policarpo Quaresma.



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Pérola lives with her mother and her younger adopted brother. Her biggest dream is to be recognized as a Chef and while her dream does not become a reality, the girl works as children's party entertainer and a Sous Chef in a restaurant in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Everything starts to change in Pérola's life when she is approved for an audition to be assistant to a renowned Chef in a television program.

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