Christmas Full of GraceChristmas Full of Grace
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Christmas Full of GraceMovie on Netflix

A man hires a lively woman to pose as his partner during Christmas dinner with his traditional family.


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Typical Brazilian comedy, but with all the Christmas filter, 'A Christmas Full of Grace' tells the story of Carlinhos, a young man who discovers he is being cheated on Christmas Eve and, desperate, calls the lively Grace to pretend to be his partner during the dinner of the date and thus not disappoint his family. Despite all the backstage controversies, with reports of the protagonist Gkay causing problems on set, the movie manages to entertain and bring the Christmas essence - with an ending that everyone knows only by reading the synopsis.



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Plot summary

Carlinhos catches his partner cheating, then meets lively Graça, who poses as his new one so he can save face at Christmas with his traditional family.

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