Infelices para siempreInfelices para siempre
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Infelices para siempre

A couple relives their anniversary day in a time loop, reigniting their love.


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Romantic comedies like Groundhog Day are plenty... and when they're with couples, maybe there's even too many. However, Unhappy Forever is the adaptation of this formula in the style of the already worn-out Mexican romantic comedy. A couple (Adrián Uribe and Consuelo Duval), about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, are given a trip to the hotel where they spent their honeymoon as a gift, but the problem is that they can't stand each other anymore. However, they wake up over and over again on the same day, condemned to relive it until they reconnect with the reasons why they fell in love. Although it doesn't shine in the acting or storytelling department - come on, we all know how it will end - it has its funny moments, particularly when the events become more outlandish. However, if you're looking for something romantic and you like time loop movies, you'd be better off staying home and checking out Palm Springs.



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María José and Alfredo are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary and their children give them a trip to the hotel where they celebrated their honeymoon, but a spell will make them repeat the same day.

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