The Crime Is MineThe Crime Is Mine
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The Crime Is Mine

A penniless actress is accused of murder and must prove her innocence with the help of her best friend.


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With films like Young & Beautiful or By the Grace of God, French director François Ozon has demonstrated both his versatility in tackling all kinds of genres and his ability to ask uncomfortable and transgressive questions in each of them. With The Crime is Mine (Mon Crime), the filmmaker now tackles the screwball comedy. Set in the 1930s, the plot follows a young aspiring actress (Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Babysitter), who becomes a suspect in the murder of a influential film producer. Although acquitted of the case, the trial propels her to stardom and she decides to capitalize on it, but soon a more complex and wild truth emerges. With a cast including Isabelle Huppert, Rebecca Marder, André Dussollier, and Fabrice Luchini, this French film is not only funny: it's also a commentary on how, faced with the possibility of fame and money, absolutely everything can be sacrificed on the altar of convenience.



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Plot summary

In 1930s Paris, Madeleine, a pretty, young, penniless and talentless actress, is accused of murdering a famous producer. Helped by her best friend Pauline, a young unemployed lawyer, she is acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. A new life of fame and success begins, until the truth comes out.

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