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Bad Blood

Two gangsters steal vaccine for a virus that affects young people who have sex without love.


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Classic movie from director Leos Carax ("Holy Motors"), featuring young Juliette Binoche and Julie Delpy. The film is surprising for being able to mix, in one story, drama, science fiction, romance, thriller... It all starts when a disease appears that affects people who have sex without emotional involvement - which victimizes the younger ones who are in a phase of discovery. But, honestly, words don't do justice to the work. Watch it. As a bonus, the soundtrack includes "Modern Love" by David Bowie; excerpts from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev; and "Limelight", composed by Charles Chaplin for the classic movie "Limelight".



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Plot summary

Marc and Hans, two old gangsters, are ordered by a rival, the American woman, to repay a debt. They plan to steal the vaccine for a mysterious virus, STBO, which affects those who make love without being in love and is wreaking havoc among teenagers. After the death of their associate Jean, the two accomplices call on his son, Alex, known as "Chatterbox", who is a talented conjuror. Alex, who has just left his girlfriend Lise, falls madly in love with a girl in a white dress he sees on a bus. Her name is Anna and she turns out to be Marc's mistress...

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