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A deported man dives into the bloody narco business in this dark comedy.


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In line with his previous feature films, 'La ley de Herodes' and 'Un mundo maravilloso', Mexican writer and director Luis Estrada delivered 'El infierno' - a crime drama with several elements of black humor... very, very black. Winner of the Golden Ariel for Best Picture in 2011 (and nominated for thirteen more awards), this is a movie that provides a look into the reality of Mexican marginality in its most brutal and grotesque aspects, which despite its extreme violence finds the way to balance humor and social satire, thanks in large part to the masterful performances of Damián Alcázar as Benny, and Joaquín Cosío as the already iconic "Cochiloco". An essential filmic satire in contemporary Mexican cinema.



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This dark comedy is about a man who gets involved in the wildly dangerous and bloody narco business after being deported from the United States.

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