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Happy Death Day

A college student relives the day of her murder to discover her killer's identity.


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Much of the audience and critics sum up the essence of 'A Morte Te Dá Parabéns' as a mix of slashers like 'Panic' or 'Halloween', with 'Groundhog Day', the comedy of which Bill Murray also gets stuck in the same day (although some also consider there's something of 'Mean Girls' in the recipe). Certainly it would be an accurate comparison, and although it could make you think this movie has very little originality, the truth is it has several merits. The main one is that 'Happy Death Day', almost identically to 'Groundhog Day', focuses on a totally rude and unpleasant main character, who gradually realizes her own behavior and tries to improve as the person she is with each time she relives the same day. Lead actress Jessica Rothe ('La La Land') convinces in all phases of Tree's progression, from her side as a spoiled and cruel child, through moments of comedy to her redemption and heroine phase. So no, it's not the most original horror movie out there, but it's very entertaining thanks to the charisma of its lead actress and a satisfactory cast.



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A college student must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer's identity.

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