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A group of teens stumble upon a disturbing short film featuring a giant pair of scissors.


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The films of David Lynch often divide opinions: you either love them or hate them. The director has a peculiar way of adapting his ideas - bordering on nonsense and dark. 'Absurda' is disturbing and strangely captivating. It is worth noting that surrealism is present, a very common trait in Lynch's works. Those who have followed the series 'Twin Peaks' or watched 'Eraserhead' will notice the very Lynchian traces. The film is part of a collection entitled 'Cada Um com Seu Cinema', a special to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, released in 2007, which also features collaborations from other directors. At the time, the production was titled 'Absurda', but the director released the film with the name 'Scissors' on his YouTube channel - which is available to be viewed for free.



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A group of four teens walk into the theater, thinking they are going to see a dance. A giant pair of scissors are sticking out of the screen and the teens start to talk to the man in the projection room. The short film is available for free on Youtube.

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