Teocracia em VertigemTeocracia em Vertigem
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Teocracia em Vertigem

A satirical investigation of Jesus Christ's crucifixion through social media and biblical testimonies.


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After 'Democracy in Vertigo', we have 'Theocracy in Vertigo', a satire from Porta dos Fundos about the current situation of the world and Brazil. This is the group's end-of-year special, which once again explores biblical themes from a mocking point of view. In the movie, narrator Clarice Falcão investigates who Jesus Christ was and how he was judged - using social media as the main device and the weight it has gained in recent years. It can be said that the production is at least daring, creative and yields good laughs.



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Plot summary

The "truth" behind the blow that led Jesus Christ to the crucifixion. Testimonies of biblical characters ranging from denialists, conspiracy theorists, to those who believe in the innocence of the son of God. The controversial deposit of 89,000 coins in the account of Judas' ex-wife is one of the great mysteries to be revealed.

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