Porta dos Fundos: The First Temptation of ChristPorta dos Fundos: The First Temptation of Christ
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Porta dos Fundos: The First Temptation of ChristMovie on Netflix

Jesus brings home a surprise guest for his 30th birthday, shocking his family.


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The YouTube channel Porta dos Fundos troupe needs no introduction: with quick sketches and good punchlines, they satirize the everyday life of Brazilians. And their ambitions are not small: after linear TV series, movies for the cinema and much more, they are now on their second Christmas special exclusive to Netflix. 'Porta dos Fundos Christmas Special: The First Temptation of Christ' follows the spirit of the first, 'Christmas Special: If You Drink, Don't Ceie', but delves even deeper into the inspiration from 'Monty Phyton's' 'Life of Brian'. Recommended for fans of the group - but it's not exactly the best program to watch on a traditional Brazilian family Christmas (unless you want to create controversy and avoid talks like "and the boyfriends/girlfriends").



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Jesus Christ is turning 30 when he decides to take home a special guest to meet his family, surprising everyone.

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