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Before Sunset

Two former strangers reunite in Paris to find out if they belong together.


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Melancholy and sublime, 'Before Sunrise' - the first installment of what would become the 'Before Trilogy' - became a successful portrait of modern love and youthful hopes, beautifully filmed and with intelligent dialogue. 'Before Sunset', written by director Richard Linklater and its protagonists Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, picks up the story of their characters nine years later: Celine has settled down in Paris, where she reunites with Jesse, who is now a novelist and is promoting his book there. With the same style full of dialogue and real-time events as its predecessor, the movie paints a more mature, melancholy, and reflective portrait of love, opening up the wounds left by loves that got away, and consolidating itself as the rare sequel that is as good or better than the first part.



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Plot summary

Nine years ago two strangers met by chance and spent a night in Vienna that ended before sunrise. They are about to meet for the first time since. Now they have one afternoon to find out if they belong together.

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