Suely in the SkySuely in the Sky
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Suely in the Sky

A young woman in Northeast Brazil raffles her body to get funds.


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Karim Aïnouz is, among many things, a filmmaker of Brazilian drama, which in his filmography becomes much more than a genre, but rather a careful and deep reading of social context, regionalism and culture. These readings guide his filmography and create a unique and personal work that can communicate with anyone who sees the economic and social plurality of our country. A work of enchanting sensitivity, a contained drama and a simple narrative where every act is a socio-political manifesto that cries out for the recognition of the individual. They are people marginalized by their humble social condition, to whom the right to dream, make plans, and seek a better future is not reserved. Thus, Suely is a political body in a head of dreams, who wants to be able to see beyond the horizon and break out of her social norm. A portrait above all naturalist in all its details, which exudes Brazil and the Northeast in scenarios so true that they confuse reality and fiction. It is the beauty of the mundane, it is Aviões do Forró playing, a sound car, the mototaxi or the goodbye sign "Aqui começa a saudade de Iguatu".



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In order to get funds, a young woman living in the Northeast of Brazil decides to raffle her own body.

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