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Alemão 2

Three police officers climb Morro do Alemão to capture the main drug trafficker, but are trapped with no way out.


Why watch this film?

"Alemão 2" shows that time does wonders for the audiovisual - especially after a problematic first movie that simplified complex issues. Directed once again by José Eduardo Belmonte, the feature film brings different perspectives and different protagonists. Here, three police officers (Gabriel Leone, Vladimir Brichta and Leandra Leal) climb up Morro do Alemão after the pacification project fails terribly, to capture one of the main drug traffickers (Digão Ribeiro). But things soon get out of control and the three police officers are trapped with no way out. The premise is very similar to what was seen in the first feature film. However, the script by Thiago Brito, Marton Olympio and Pedro Perazzo goes beyond: not only are the three police officers humanized and developed, but also the people around them. Soldado, this brilliantly portrayed drug trafficker, is given an incredibly rare development. When has a black man, a drug trafficker, been humanized in a movie, a news story, a book? They are always shallow villains, more of the same, and they forget that they are people. "Alemão 2" does this. It shows itself to be current, reflective, contemporary. There are also more women: Leandra Leal plays Freitas, a young and inexperienced policewoman who brings a different perspective to the narrative, without falling into female stereotypes. This is exactly what "Alemão" needed but didn't have. The heart of the film, however, is Zezé Motta, who plays a resident of Alemão who is forced to give shelter to the police officers, she is the soul of the feature film. She has the best dialogue of the production (the question about being a nurse, not a doctor), the best clash, the best story. With this, "Alemão 2" continues to be an action movie, with various codes of the genre, but which does not forget the people, the stories, the truth.



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In the Alemão complex, civil policeman Machado and his subordinates, Ciro and Freitas, carry out a secret mission: the arrest of a great leader of drug trafficking. Supervised by delegate Amanda and following the leads of an informant, the action is ambushed.

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