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As Verdades

A police officer investigates a crime against a mayoral candidate in a small town, hearing different versions from a hired killer, the victim's fiancée, and the candidate himself.


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In the 1920s, Ryūnosuke Akutagawa wrote two texts that significantly impacted literature: 'Inside the Forest' and 'Rashomon'. The Japanese author brought stories of versions, in which the same fact is told from different perspectives - which inspired the classic Rashomon in cinemas. 'The Truths' embarks precisely on this format. Directed by José Eduardo Belmonte ('German 2'), the feature tells the story of a crime committed in a small municipality in Bahia. It is the first case of Josué (Lázaro Ramos), a newly arrived delegate in the city. Afterwards, this story is told from different points of view of the three characters present at the time of the crime: Cícero (Thomas Aquino), the hitman; Francisca (Bianca Bin), the victim's bride; and Vladimir (ZéCarlos Machado) himself. From there, José Eduardo Belmonte builds an interesting puzzle in which, ultimately, he speaks of the crime. But in deeper layers, there is a very powerful story here about violence against women. With good performance by Bin ('Dirty Canasta'), there is a reflection on how society deals with this type of violence and, of course, how the victim is discredited with "various truths".



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A police officer tries to find out who is to blame for a crime committed against a candidate for mayor of a small town. He hears versions of a hired killer, the victim's fiancée, and the candidate himself.

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