Carcereiros: O FilmeCarcereiros: O Filme
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Carcereiros: O Filme

A prison guard navigates dangerous alliances to survive a violent uprising.


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Based on the successful series from Rede Globo - which, in turn, is inspired by the book of the same name by Drauzio Varella - 'Carcereiros: The Movie' expands and deepens the fictional universe seen on TV, but without requiring much prior knowledge of the plot. The main difference in the feature film is the greater aesthetic care and scale, with grander scenes involving a prison uprising and plenty of action. In the performances, Rodrigo Lombardi feels totally at ease in the role of Adriano, while former BBB Kaysar Dadour is a great surprise as prisoner Abdel Mussa. Although there is not much time for the important debate about the prison crisis in Brazil or a concern to be faithful to reality (unlike what happens on television), the feature film works very well as entertainment.



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Based on the popular Brazilian TV show.

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