Fantastic Mr. FoxFantastic Mr. Fox
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Fantastic Mr. Fox

A sly fox quits thieving for family, but returns to steal from farmers. Trapped, he saves his community.


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Wes Anderson adapted the children's book of British writer Roald Dahl, which bears the same name as the movie, and made this incredible animation. Highly acclaimed by critics, 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' has a funny story and great moral lessons. With several critiques, the director manages to put a lot of maturity into a children's tale, captivating both kids and adults in this great production.



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Plot summary

Devil-may-care Mr. Fox quits chicken thieving to start a family with Mrs. Fox. Twelve years later, he leaves his columnist job to rob poultry from three mean farmers who then devise a plan to trap Mr. Fox and others in the burrowing animal community. With his friends and neighbors, Mr. Fox saves his animal community and beats the farmers at their own game.

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