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Bottle Rocket

Three friends pursue their dreams in unexpected ways


Why watch this film?

Martin Scorsese named it one of his favorite films of the 90s: Wes Anderson's directorial debut, "The Thief Who Stole From Another Thief", co-written by Anderson and Owen Wilson. Better known by its original title, "Bottle Rocket," the movie isn't perfect but already shows off Anderson's trademark style: Eccentric characters in even stranger conflicts, set in a world of primary colors and symmetrical frames. The on-screen chemistry between brothers Owen and Luke Wilson, along with Robert Musgrave, make this movie a small gem.



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Plot summary

Three friends share dreams of the lives they wish they had. Anthony wishes he had someone to love. Bob yearns for the family he can no longer return to. Dignan wants to distinguish himself in the dicey world of crime. Anthony, Bob and Dignan will get what they want but in ways they never imagined.

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