Inglourious BasterdsInglourious Basterds
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Inglourious Basterds

A squad of American soldiers, known as 'The Basterds,' seeks revenge on Nazi leaders during WWII.


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An awe-inspiring movie with Quentin Tarantino's signature - and therefore, full of violence and blood. The result is a highly entertaining feature, including an incredible performance from Christoph Waltz (who won the Oscar, the Golden Globe, and was awarded at the Cannes Festival).



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Plot summary

Brad Pitt takes no prisoners in Quentin Tarantino’s high-octane WWII revenge fantasy Inglourious Basterds. As war rages in Europe, a Nazi-scalping squad of American soldiers, known to their enemy as “The Basterds,” is on a daring mission to take down the leaders of the Third Reich.

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