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The Evil Dead

College students unwittingly unleash demonic force from Sumerian Book of the Dead.


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The first part of the 'Evil Dead' saga (known here as 'The Evil Dead') is also the debut film of legendary director Sam Raimi, more famously known afterwards for his hugely popular Spider-Man trilogy. Made on a miniscule budget for the time, and though having a tone far removed from what would characterize its two sequels, this first part established the foundations for the rest of the saga: a remote and isolated location, the mysterious Necronomicon, and protagonist Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) as the forced to face brutal demonic possessions. Though not as fun -or iconic- as the second, it enjoys the same cult status as the rest of Raimi's original trilogy, and its success marked the birth of one of the most beloved horror franchises.



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Plot summary

When a group of college students finds a Sumerian Book of the Dead in the old wilderness cabin they've rented for the weekend, they unwittingly unleash a demonic force from the surrounding forest. As each of the kids are possessed by the demons they've let loose, body parts and bodily fluids go a-flying until only one young man is left to face down the Evil Dead.

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