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The Fabelmans

A young Sammy Fabelman uncovers a family secret and learns the power of movies.


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Of all the autobiographical works of filmmakers in recent years ('Roma', by Alfonso Cuarón, 'Belfast' by Kenneth Branagh or 'Armageddon Time' by James Gray, to name a few), Steven Spielberg's may be the most authentic and transparent. In 'The Fabelmans', the legendary director of 'E.T.: The Extraterrestrial' and 'Jurassic Park' presents us, in a few words, the story of his youth: from his childhood passion for cinema, through family turbulence, bullying at school and his foray into Hollywood as an innocent young man. It is a moving story in itself - and Michelle Williams only needs to appear on the screen to break our hearts - but what matters is what it tells us along the way: we need to tell stories to give meaning to what we go through, to understand ourselves and to forge our own truths. Read more about 'The Fabelmans' in our review.



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Loosely based on Spielberg's childhood growing up in post-World War II era Arizona, from age seven to eighteen, a young man named Sammy Fabelman discovers a shattering family secret, and explores how the power of movies help us see the truth about each other and ourselves.

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