Heal Lessons: Joan BorysenkoHeal Lessons: Joan Borysenko
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Heal Lessons: Joan Borysenko

Discover the power of integrative medicine and the connection between mind and body with Joan Borysenko.


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Joan Borysenko is a pioneer in the use of so-called integrative medicine, which works with the connection between mind and body. Thus, in this way, she seeks to understand the real pains of the body and life from a spiritual perspective. In this documentary, which is part of the 'Heal Lessons' series, Borysenko discusses the effects of different diseases and seeks to show the audience how they are formed, their main causes and how to combat them. But remember: you should not neglect traditional treatments. Consult your doctor.



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Joan Borysenko tells us about the connection betweeen mind and body and what diseases are trying to teach us.

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