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Mission: Impossible

A top agent must clear his name and uncover the real traitor within his organization.


Why watch this film?

The beginning of one of the most famous spy franchises in cinema, right behind the stories of James Bond, 'Mission: Impossible' is a movie with a 1990s feel and already showing some signs of what would come in future productions. Here, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise, in a role that became a milestone in his career) embarks on a secret mission that goes wrong and the protagonist, all of a sudden, becomes the main suspect in the murder of his spy partner. Director Brian de Palma ('Scarface', 'Carrie: The Strange') sets the tone with interesting visual jokes, with an 80s look and 90s spirit, despite some stumbles in the more emotional scenes - there's a lack of adrenaline in certain moments. But Tom Cruise's precise acting and iconic scenes in cinema history, such as the famous sequence of Ethan Hunt descending from the ceiling in a maximum security room, make up for the mistakes and outdated moments of the movie. To have fun and, mainly, to kick off the franchise marathon.



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An American agent, under false suspicion of disloyalty, must discover and expose the real spy without the help of his organization.

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