Vive L'AmourVive L'Amour
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Vive L'Amour

Three strangers share an apartment and their lives in Taipei.


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Directed by Tsai Ming-liang ("Rebels of the Neon God"), "Viva el Amor" (“Vive L'Amour”) is the winner of the 1994 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion. His second film continues on the same line of themes as its predecessor and eventually successors: exploring modern loneliness, isolation, and existential emptiness in a bittersweet world of erotica and gaps between seemingly inexorable bodies. Told with barely any dialogue but loaded with sexual desire, the film mesmerizes with an atmosphere where characters exist like ghosts in their own worlds.



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Plot summary

Three lonely young denizens of Taipei unknowingly share an apartment used for sexual trysts.

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