I Don't Want to Sleep AloneI Don't Want to Sleep Alone
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I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

A man nurses a day laborer back to health after he's beaten.


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After the disturbing musical eccentricities of "The Drift Cloud" (or "The Taste of the Watermelon"), Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang returns to a more "conventional" drama (or whatever that means for his filmography) with "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone", which features his favorite actor, Lee Kang-sheng, in a dual role. Selected at the 2006 Venice International Film Festival, the movie maintains the contemplative pace and visual repetition typical of the filmmaker, in a new exploration of loneliness and longing for belonging or, at least, being accompanied in the passing of time.



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A day laborer is badly beaten, and a young man nurses him back to health.

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