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The Night

A filmmaker documents the beauty and changing landscape of Hong Kong at night, revealing small everyday dramas.


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The Chinese-Malaysian filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang ("Goodbye, Dragon Inn") is a master of contemplative cinema, exploring themes such as marginalization, loneliness and repression. At first, these themes may not seem very obvious in 'Liang Ye Bu Neng Liu', whose title evokes almost everything we see: one night in 2019 in Hong Kong, filmed by the filmmaker walking through its streets. Yet, there are small everyday dramas that reveal themselves in its stillness, revealing the beauty of the city's true essence to those who accept the invitation to look with patience and an open heart.



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Plot summary

In 2019, the night in Hong Kong was cloaked in mesmerising beauty, but the landscape of everyday life was gradually changing. Perambulating the streets of Causeway Bay, Tsai Ming-Liang documented the city’s rhythm and ambience, along with an overpass, all the while an old song lingered in his mind.

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