A Haunting in VeniceA Haunting in Venice
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A Haunting in Venice

Former detective Poirot investigates a murder at a seance in post-WWII Venice.


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Partially based on Agatha Christie's novel "The Hallowe'en Party," "A Haunting in Venice" is the third film in the Hercule Poirot detective series directed and starring Kenneth Branagh (from "Belfast"), following "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Death on the Nile." The story places us in Venice, where a retired and reclusive Poirot decides, skeptically and reluctantly, to attend a seance. However, when one of the attendees is murdered, he must return to detective work not only to uncover the murderer's identity but also to determine if something supernatural is at play. Due to this premise, "A Haunting in Venice" incorporates elements of the horror genre, elevating it beyond the typical whodunit and making it not only notably better than its two predecessors but also a surprising choice for the Halloween season.



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In post-World War II Venice, Poirot, now retired and living in his own exile, reluctantly attends a seance. But when one of the guests is murdered, it is up to the former detective to once again uncover the killer.

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