Luccas Neto em: O Mapa do TesouroLuccas Neto em: O Mapa do Tesouro
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Luccas Neto em: O Mapa do TesouroMovie on Netflix

Luccas and Gi search for treasure to save Grandma's farm from debt.


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A fever among children, Luccas Neto continues to produce movies at full steam - this is his eighth feature film focusing on the Brazilian child audience. 'Luccas Neto in: The Treasure Map' brings the protagonist and his inseparable companion, Gi, on an adventure to save his grandmother's farm, which is full of debt - and the solution is to find a lost treasure. Following the line of the other features of the series, the film brings songs and choreographies that children will love to reproduce, having fun for hours and hours. 'Luccas Neto in: The Treasure Map' has humor, adventure and also an important message about valuing family and its history, something that will certainly inspire the little ones.



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Plot summary

Luccas and Gi will spend their holidays at Grandma's farm to enjoy nature and discover a treasure map. Now they must embark on a musical adventure full of mystery to find the lost chest before a villain does that.

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