Luccas Neto em: Um Natal Muito AtrapalhadoLuccas Neto em: Um Natal Muito Atrapalhado
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Luccas Neto em: Um Natal Muito AtrapalhadoMovie on Netflix

Luccas and Gi face escaped villains on their Christmas farm trip.


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Content creator Luccas Neto has become one of the biggest references in the children's universe in Brazil. This "king of the little ones" produces content always playing with his figure and bringing adventures that leave the little ones excited, apprehensive and with some good messages to share. In 'Luccas Neto in: A Very Messy Christmas', this feeling is no different. Here, Luccas reunites with his friends and has to face a Christmas adventure with all the influences that this date has in stories for the cinema - cheerful and fun music, friendship and magical discoveries. It's a movie that should please the young fans of Luccas Neto, who once again shows the reasons why he is one of the references for the little ones in Brazil.



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Plot summary

Luccas and Gi are going to spend Christmas at the farm, but they don't know which villains have just escaped from a prison over there.

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