Luccas Neto em: Perdidos na noite de NatalLuccas Neto em: Perdidos na noite de Natal

Luccas Neto em: Perdidos na noite de Natal

Luccas and his sister get lost in a mall on Christmas Eve and must save Christmas from thieves.

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Luccas Neto's debut feature film, a content creator for children on YouTube with millions of followers and a loyal audience. In the movie, he plays a fictional version of himself: a boy who, alongside his sister, is very successful on the internet. However, the story takes on other proportions, with the two getting stuck in a mall on Christmas Eve. Highly influenced by the classic 'Home Alone', the movie is extremely simple in its execution, but delivers a fun story for the kids. Made to measure for the audience that is already a fan of Luccas Neto - which will of course distance those who don't like this style of humor.



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Plot summary

On Christmas Eve, Luccas and his sister Gi, marveling at the decoration of the mall, end up losing their parents. But what would be a fun night becomes dangerous when they discover a pair of thieves. And now who's going to save Christmas? Lot of fun.

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