Luccas Neto in: Children's DayLuccas Neto in: Children's Day
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Luccas Neto in: Children's DayMovie on Netflix

Luccas Neto plans a Children's Day celebration, but a school threat endangers his friends.


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Luccas Neto is today one of the biggest YouTube phenomena, a success among children's audiences, with almost 27 million subscribers on his channel. In addition to the videos produced there, the YouTuber recently launched himself as a producer, screenwriter and star of his own feature films. 'Luccas Neto in: Children's Day' is another production of this crop, bringing a humor that works within its target audience (that is, children) and unpublished songs. There is also a search for a more social aspect - the plot addresses the donation of toys, for example. To watch with family, or for those who want to understand a little more about the universe of children today.



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Plot summary

When Luccas Neto plans a big Children's Day celebration, an unexpected threat at school puts the party -- and his friends -- at risk.

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