Luccas Neto em: O Hotel Mágico 2Luccas Neto em: O Hotel Mágico 2

Luccas Neto em: O Hotel Mágico 2

Luccas Neto and friends face a magical hotel where they're turned into mice forever.

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The sequel to one of the biggest hits of the Luccas Neto franchise, 'Hotel Mágico 2' brings some of the kids' favorite elements: magic, adventure, and bumbling villains. This is the 13th feature from the creator of children's content and is perfect for enjoying during school holidays. Despite being a sequel, the story works independently and, for the first time in the movie series, brings real animals, dubbed by the actors. In the narrative, the beloved characters of the little ones, Luccas, Gi and Camila, reunite with the elves Mizinho and Bruce, who are determined to transform talented people into rats for their new show.



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Plot summary

Luccas Neto and Gi are invited by Camila to spend their holidays in a Magic Hotel. What they don't realize is that Elf Mizinho has a crazy plan: to turn them into mice forever. Will they be able to escape this fuzzy trap?

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