Strange Way of LifeStrange Way of Life
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Strange Way of Life

A man reunites with his friend, but their meeting takes an unexpected turn.


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Short film by the talented Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar (The Skin I Live In, Parallel Mothers), "Strange Way of Life" is quite different in terms of narrative from what we see in his other English-language short, "The Human Voice," but it shares the same essence: to provoke and question the language of cinema. While the other one is about the confining (and even existential) nature of characters, this one questions the limits of the western genre. How? Following in the footsteps of "Brokeback Mountain," it tells the love story of two men (Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal) in an environment that usually portrays toxic masculinity. In half an hour, the Spanish filmmaker builds an engaging narrative, discussing betrayal, fear, and redemption, in a story that keeps us hooked until its conclusion. And a word of caution for those watching it in theaters: it might be a good idea to skip the one-hour interview presented at the end. Apart from being too long, Almodóvar ends up providing information that interferes with the overall experience.



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A short film by director Pedro Almodóvar. After twenty-five years, Silva (Pedro Pascal) rides a horse across the desert to visit his friend Sheriff Jake (Ethan Hawke). A lifetime after their shared stint as hired gunmen, they celebrate their reunion. However, the next morning, it is revealed the trip is not to revel in the memory of their friendship.

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