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A cosmetologist revives a man at a funeral and falls in love with him, but his dad is her lover. Did his dad kill his mom?


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It is important to surrender to the absurd and unexpected when going to watch a Pedro Almodóvar movie. He has no fear when it comes to satirizing on the most diverse topics and in 'Kika', we follow another side of his critiques. In the story, Kika is a makeup artist called to make up the body of a corpse. However, the dead man is actually alive and this ends up involving her in a complicated plot. With a lot of humor, Almodóvar weaves a critique of television, as he does also in 'High Heels', and both films have a very similar aesthetic. A good comedy, with a soap opera feel, from one of the best author directors of today.



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Kika, a cute cosmetologist, prepares Ramon for funeral when he revives. He proposes to the much older Kika who has his dad as lover. Did Ramon's dad murder his mom?

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