Pain and GloryPain and Glory
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Pain and Glory

A director confronts his past and present choices in life.


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'Dolor y gloria' é um filme que não deixará ninguém indiferente.Is art constantly being produced or is there a moment when it's necessary to stop and reflect on it? Reflection on cinematic work within the cinema itself is nothing new (‘8 ½’, ‘Adaptation’) and now it's Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar's turn to embark on this journey. The filmmaker travels through his memory with extreme sensitivity, innocence and distress, and perfectly conveys the pain and anguish of old age, but not before filling the eyes and hearts of the audience. Part of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the best actor award (Antonio Banderas). 'Dolor y gloria' is a film that will leave no one indifferent.



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A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life as past and present come crashing down around him.

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